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Ginger was designed for cannabis brands of all stages. To ensure your success as a new brand, Ginger has partnered with the top digital marketing agencies in cannabis in order to drive customers to your direct-to-consumer shop with our Ginger Launch Program: 

Display Ads

Develop programmatic advertising to drive conversions & sales


Geographic targeted placement to drive engagement & revenue

Loyalty and Rewards

Launch custom loyalty programs & subscription models, while tracking marketing ROAs

Traffic Generation

Drive traffic to your website and maximize outreach capabilities 

Data Ownership

Own your client data and customize the customer experience alongside premiere agencies to develop campaigns

* Requires a 1-year exclusive contract; 6-month allocation at $10k per month to access Ginger Launch Program  

What Our Clients Say


THC Design

""At THC Design, we've wanted to offer DTC sales for some time, but we struggled to find a viable solution that would give us full control over our sales funnel and ownership of our data-- until we found Ginger. But what originally looked like the perfect solution to our DTC conundrum somehow just got better.""
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