A bit about us. 

Ginger is the only true DTC solution in California,

enabling cannabis brands to sell directly to consumers through their website. We're a devoted, brilliant team with years of experience in the cannabis industry and expertise to show it. 

Easily identifying the pitfalls of traditional retailers and brand-competitive DTC marketplaces, we knew we could develop a solution that doesn't require brands to jump through hoops, sign their customers away, or pretend their data doesn't exist.


We love brands, the teams behind them, and all of the strategic possibilities that come with our DTC solution.


The door is finally open to a level playing field. 

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About The Founders

Our founders are pioneers in the cannabis industry and tech industry.

In fact, they're experts where these industries collide.

Roie Edery is the Founder and CEO of Ginger Commerce and CLICK spray, the #1 cannabis spray in California. For over two decades, Edery has leveraged emerging and existing technology to create innovative solutions across multiple industries. Edery’s launch of high-tech cannabis solutions followed his impact on the B2C market as the co-founder of Eaze, California’s largest cannabis delivery marketplace to date, and the B2B market as the COO of WAYV, an on-demand cannabis supply chain logistics platform.



Aleksey Klempner is the Founder and CTO of Ginger Commerce and Founder of LA Developers Inc., a multi-talented team of product-centric, design and engineering experts.  Klempner's passion for data-driven solutions, software development, and marketing has led him to grow companies in cannabis, healthcare, tech, and entertainment industries ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 companies. Klempner is also a co-founder and former head of engineering of Eaze, as well as the former CTO of WAYV. 

Ginger marks the fourth venture founders, Roie Edery and Aleksey Klempner, have built within the last decade. 

Meet The Team